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Magento Site Fixes - 7 Tasks 2 2
Project ID : DLVO662
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Status : Open
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Budget : $50-$250 USD
Created : 22th February 2012
Job Type : PHP
Bid Count : 2
Average Bid : $1850 USD
Ends : 06th March 2012
Project Creator : Dixog5n  
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Project Description
I'll escrow payment and release ONLY when work is on my server, tested and approved. No exceptions.

1. All address data collected on form show in CMS >> Store Locations, but don't all show on
:: Store locator should look like sf_locations.jpg
using this extension

2. Event calendar page
(a) shows incorrect date and time for event listing
(b) Event date listing missing timezone using user's ip address using the ip extension that is installed
(c) Filters - Past Events not working
(d) Popular Event section on right column needs to populate with top 5 events whose pages have the highest visits
(e) Add the combo filter box to Event List page event_combobox.jpg
:: combo box is on the other HireFind and Restaurant pages, use same one.
(f) Showing the number of records being displayed on left column as shown in sf_eventslist_dec12.jpg

3. Image resizing on list and detail pages image_resizing.jpg - keep original uploaded image size but shrink it to fit the magento default for list and detail pages
see image_resizing.jpg

4. When url shows https, video_image_error.jpg happens. Fix that. SSL is installed on site and all pages need to show https in url.

5. Make reviews global especially new ones. Right now reviews are store views, I can make the global when I go to approve them.

6. Add Form Listing fixes:
a. Prevent going back to add form once completed except through the Edit Listing option in Customer Dashboard. If user use "go back arrow" show "Access form from your dashboard, click My Account, go to Orders."
b. Allow only one video upload even when user uses Edit Listing.
c. "Required" and other messages are missing for areas needing input.

7. Site is super slow, need you to make it much faster in loading. It also loads one layer at a time, all images should load at once. There are about 50 extensions installed don't break any of them otherwise you will have to reinstall and configure them.

List MAGENTO sites that you have built which I can verify with the site owners. Too many programmers lie about their work.

If you have no magento sites to share...DON'T BID! Don't waste my time!!! ...
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Dear Sir,

I analyse the details of your project. We already did many sites and application. For more details see PM.

$3500 in 35 days 24th February 2012
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Hi Sir,

We have a good team in design field once you see a project you will be happy and different from other thinking
Thanks and regards
$200 in 25 days 23th February 2012
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